• Before using the meter for the first time and when you open a new bottle of strips, check your meter using the control solution.  Control solutions are only good for three months once opened.  Label the control solution bottle with the date you open it.  Check the date and shake control solution before using.  The value the control solution gives should be in the target range printed on the strips container.


  • Make sure strips are not expired.  Check the date on the strip container.


  • Make sure code on strip container matches the code on the meter.


  • Wash hands with soap and warm water and dry them on clean towel before every finger stick. Do not use alcohol or hand sanitizers. They leave residue on your fingers.


  • If you have no other option but to use alcohol, clean finger with alcohol, then wipe residue from finger with clean tissue or gauze. Massage hands gently before checking or allow them to hang at your side for few seconds prior to finger sticks.


  • Select site on one side of the finger.  Rotate sites for each check. Avoid the pad or tips of fingers. This is the most sensitive part of your finger


  • Apply gentle pressure to lanced finger to help the drop of blood form on the surface. DO NOT milk the finger tip.


  • Completely fill the strip target area with blood.

October 31, 20137:40:53 PM

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